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Architects and Specifiers

Watchman Developments have many years experience working with architects and specifiers to design and build some of Auckland's finest designer pools. 
We are well-versed in the requirements and processes followed by leading architects and specifiers and can add a great deal of value to the overall process from initial design to installation, achieving a seamless delivery and positive outcome for all parties. 
Our solid experience in this specialised area has allowed us to evolve a risk-free process of working with architects to streamline the process of custom pool delivery and we have a long and solid relationships with many architects and specifiers, and a portfolio of designer pools that speaks for itself.

To facilitate the process for Architects and Specifiers we have developed a range of options they may wish to consider in their design. 
First and most importantly, on request we will for free and without obligation assist you with any technical data to endeavour to achieve your goal in terms of design and application.
There are many and varied options you may wish to incorporate in your design which are listed below:

Filtration Systems

We will design the system for any given pool including Sanitation options.

Weir Edge Pools

A design whereby water flows over one or more sides of the pool into a weir trough at a lower level

Glass Windows

A glazed panel is a given wall

Pool Covers

•    Manual surface mounted
•    Manual hidden
•    Automatic PVV track
•    Automatic Floating



•    Solar
•    Heat pump
•    Gas
•    Diesel

Water Feature

•    Water Spouts
•    Fountains
•    Water Falls


On completion of the design, we will, at no cost, offer an estimate of the designed pool cost to assist you with budgeting for your client.

If you are an Architect or Specifier and would like to register your interest in working with us, please click here to register.  

We would be delighted to talk to you and discuss our value-add options.


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